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Instant ECG Redesigned Update Now LIVE

Dr. Truxillo and Dr. Trask are pleased to announce that a redesigned Instant ECG app is now available on the iTunes App Store! Be among the first to see the newest update to the Best ECG apps on the App Store. We collected feedback from many users to refine and optimize this app to help […]

Instant ECG Redesign Pending!

iAnesthesia LLC is excited to announce that we have nearly completed a massive redesign to the Instant ECG app. We know you’ll love it and would you like to show you a sneak peek of the app?

Pedi Safe – Available for Android

Pedi Safe App Now Available for Android platform phones.

Pedi Safe – iOS & Android App Update

iAnesthesia LLC is proud to announce that the PediSafe app for both iOS and Android has been completely rebuilt!  We have added PubMed references for medications listed.  (view the citation by swiping right to left on the specific medication). Users are also able to hide medications which they don’t use to simplify the app layout. The Pedi […]

ACLS Rhythms now Available on iTunes!

ACLS Rhythms – Resuscitation Guidelines & ECG Advisor is a new iPhone and iPad app. We are please to announce that it has launched on the iTunes App Store.

ECHO-Views now Available on iTunes!

ECHO Views is a Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) Atlas for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. We are please to announce that it has launched on the iTunes App Store. Apple has already selected this app as the top “New & Noteworthy” app.

Pedi Safe – Emergency Physicians Monthly

Emergency Physicians Monthly wrote an article, “Need a Peds Dosage? Fire Up ‘Pedi Safe’

ASA National Convention iPhone Apps

The American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA) National Convention kicks off tomorrow in San Diego. This year a major point of discussion will include mobile apps for the iPhone and Android platform.

Apple Features Flashlight Pro App

Two days after we released Flashlight Pro, Apple took notice of our app. It is now a Featured app under the Utilities “New & Noteworthy” section.

Flashlight Pro – FREE Promo Codes

Flashlight PRO a LED Strobe Light has been released for sale on the iTunes App Store. Use your iPhone 4 flash as an LED Flashlight so you can see in the dark.