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Pedi Safe – iOS & Android App Update

iAnesthesia LLC is proud to announce that the PediSafe app for both iOS and Android has been completely rebuilt!  We have added PubMed references for medications listed.  (view the citation by swiping right to left on the specific medication). Users are also able to hide medications which they don’t use to simplify the app layout.

The Pedi Safe Android app is available now thru the Android Marketplace and the Amazon App Store.

We are currently working with Apple to get the iOS update approved. Apple’s Developer Guidelines have been revised and currently is the barrier to getting PediSafe approved for the iTunes app store.

Two board certified Anesthesiologists, Dr. Truxillo and Dr. Trask, whom have been trusted to develop apps for Hospira and Pfizer, have created PediSafe as a reference and not as a substitute for clinical judgement. We are actively working with Apple to try and resolve this hurdle to releasing the newest update to Pedi Safe.

If you would like to be a “beta” tester for iAnesthesia in the future or would like early access to the iOS PediSafe update. Please contact us and request to be added to the “beta test” group.


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