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Instant ECG

The Instant ECG iPhone App teaches the basics of electrocardiogram (ECG) electrophysiology, myocardial action potential, waveforms, intervals and segments in order to help you develop the framework needed to analyze ECGs.  Our full screen high-definition movies use pattern recognition to help you learn over 30 of the most common rhythm disturbances. Instant ECG also teaches you how to distinguish between various myocardial ischemia or injury patterns on a standard 12-lead ECG. All this education is bundled into one convenient iPhone App.


  • Comprehensive ECG app
  • Over 90 high-resolution ECG examples
  • 30 high-definition full screen movies
  • Over 140 ECG Exam Questions
  • High Quality Netter Image References
  • The #1 ECG iPhone App for over a Year!